Thursday, May 21, 2015

Australia : Yes Please

These past few weeks, DoryBeach went exploring Australia
Checking a lifetime adventure off the bucket list...
we found the only thing that traveling to a place as amazing as this does...
is realize that life is best spent...
in perpetual motion
But sit still for one second...and enjoy some photos and bad captions of the adventure of a lifetime

The sand on the Goldie is so nice i brought some back. The only souvenir needed

Looking from Tugan Beach where i stayed up towards Surfers Paradise..

...called Gotham City by some. MMMMM

Nice of the boys at Darren Handley Designs to walk me through the factory when in full effect. A thing of beauty

Awkard knee bending at WinkiPop

There we go

A flatter wave at Winki, but might be the only stylish thing I have ever been photographed doing

I pulled in. I didn't make it. But the view was glorious

My friend Emily has the sickest surf mobile I have ever seen
This photo was taken going at least 80K's on the freeway...who gets it...

Top my neighborhood hill on the Goldie

Golden Hour heading to the Gold Coast

Great Ocean Road Roadtrip

I surfed alone. I was told that was dumb Vol. 1 

Whats up K-COAST 

Rainforest portion

Looking back Eastward


Good conditions, could have used some size though

12 Apostles

Ever looked out upon Antartica?

I wondered how that keyhole go in the top

I always find my way to the beach

Gravesite of national heroes and victims of a shipwreck at 12 Apostles

this ones for you Mom <3 p="">
Woke up to find this guy loitering around my spot in Torquay

Looking out one night at the Anglesea beaches

Winki is photogenic

Vegemite. Undecided

I call this piece... "(Meat) Pies in Paradise)"

Rainforest action in deep south Victoria

"I wonder if..."



Peek a Boo at Lorne Point

This might be the coolest Pan-O I have ever taken

This trip to Lorne was the most epic of afternoons. 


I think I am still recovering from the caffeine overdose

Some wild street art the Melbourne is known for. Really enjoyed some these streets.

This is a vicious selfie of me thinking devious thoughts in the Sydney airport 
I was buzzed/tired/hungover enough to think this was necessary

Sydney stopover

this girl was bragging about how messed up she was and it helps her sleep, I agreed, and then she started drooling all over herself and I took a moment to capture the moment. 

No big deal, just 4 foot snakeskin hanging outside your window


This was my local cafe. Thanks for putting up with me multi-times daily as well as keeping a steady stream of Tracy Chapman at all times. I am in fact, talking bout' a revolution

Spent some time exploring the history and culture of the Aboriginal Australians and got to learn a lot through the stories told in these paintings. 

Emu sighting

There are about to be a lot of photo's of good waves I surfed/saw at Winki/Bells in my week down south. 

Blustery Winki

Epic Winki

I got the longest wave of my life this morning 

Bells go big

Surfed alone and was told later that was dumb Vol. 2

It rained during one mornings adventure

"Lady President" What? ha

What Up ladies


i mean....

made friends with this guy. This photo is random

I drank red wine, in a wine field, and pet a sheep watching the sunset. 

I even woke up to my hair dreaming of getting barreled

Look familiar? Rip Curl HQ @ Torquay

Magpies are like black and white orioles that will steal your food

Courtney is a friend and epic host and let me hole up at her spot down in Torquay
She has the coolest hula girl on her dash, she hates this photograph

Woke up to yet another epic kangaroo...check out how thick that things tail is!

Their beach road looks a bit different than mine

I kept thinking, I am taking pictures of bells better than in photos that made me want to come here

Victoria see's 4 seasons in 1 day
1 hour even

Had to

Jan Jac 

She said she needed to capture this

Almost falling

I am not a badass

drive to Torquay from Melbourne

I unpacked my board bag in the Bells parking lot, 
and packed it up after a big night on the Gold Coast and surfing Snapper to wash it off

I fell in love with, on, and in Australia
Thanks all that helped make it possible
Every one of you